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Ramon Alibés Arqués

Dr. Ramon Alibés studied Chemistry at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain, where he earned his B.Sc. degree in 1988 and his Ph.D. degree in 1993 working with Prof. Josep Font and Prof. José Luis Bourdelande on the synthesis of (+)-grandisol. He was a postdoctoral scientist at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) in the laboratories of Prof. David R. Bundle working on the synthesis of conformationally restricted trisaccharide analogs. Back at the UAB, in 1998 he was appointed Associate Professor and in 2023 he was promoted to Full Professor. His scientific interests focus on stereoselective organic synthesis, photochemical cycloaddition reactions, development of antiviral and antitumor agents, and the design and synthesis of functional new materials in the field of medicinal chemistry and nanotechnology.

Selected publications

  1. Sánchez-Morales, A., Biçer, A.; Panagiotopoulos, V.; Crecente-Garciaa, S.; Benaiges, C.; Bayod, S.; Hernández, J.L.; Busqué, F.; Matsoukas, M.-T.; Pérez-Riba, M.; Alibés, R. Design and synthesis of a novel non peptide CN-NFATc signaling inhibitor for tumor suppression in triple negative breast cancer. Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2022, 238, 114514.
  2. Navarro, G.; Gonzalez, A.; Sánchez-Morales, A.; Casajuana-Martin, N.; Gómez-Ventura, M.; Cordomí, A.; Busqué, F.; Alibés, R.; Pardo, L.; R. Franco. R. Design of Negative and Positive Allosteric Modulators of the Cannabinoid CB2 Receptor Derived from the Natural Product Cannabidiol. J. Med. Chem. 2021, 64, 9354−9364.
  3. Cabre, G.; Garrido-Charles, A.; Moreno, M.; Bosch, M.; Porta-de-la-Riva, M.; Krieg, M.; Gascon-Moya, M.; Camarero, N.; Gelabert, R.; Lluch, J.-M.; Busque, F.; Hernando, J.; Gorostiza, P.; Alibes, R. Rationally designed azobenzene photoswitches for efficient two-photon neuronal excitation. Nat. Commun. 2019,10, 907.
  4. Solórzano, R.; Tort, O.; García-Pardo, J.; Escribà, T.; Lorenzo, J.; Arnedo, M.; Ruiz-Molina, D.; Alibés, R.; Busqué, F.; Novio, F. Versatile Iron-Catechol based Nanoscale Coordination Polymers Antiretroviral Ligand Functionalization and their use as Efficient Carriers in HIV/AIDS Therapy. Biomater. Sci. 2019, 7, 178-186.
  5. Xin, Y.; Rodríguez-Santiago, L.; Sodupe, M.; Álvarez-Larena, A.; Busqué, F.; Alibés, R. Intramolecular photocycloaddition of 2(5H)furanones to temporarily tethered terminal alkenes as a stereoselective source of enantiomerically pure polyfunctionalyzed cyclobutanes. J. Org. Chem. 2018, 83, 3188-3199.
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