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  • SGR: Grants to support the scientific activity of research groups in Catalonia (SGR-Cat 2021)
  • CATNANOFUN: Cathecol-based nanostructured functional materials  (2021 SGR 00130)
  • Redes de Investigación 2022 – Thematic network
  • METALBIO:  metales e iones metálicos en sistemas biológicos (RED2022-134091-T)
  • International Research Network IRN
  • HC3A: Heteroelements and Coordination Chemistry: from Concepts to Applications.


  • Group Leader: Dr. Julia Lorenzo
  • Group: Protein Engineering and Proteomics
  • Institut de Biotecnologia i Bioquímica (IBB) – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • UAB Campus

Collaborative Industry Projects

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